Company Culture

Our Vision is to positively impact the world’s mental health and emotional stability.

Our Mission

Always with passion and conviction, we deliver speeches, training, and coaching that promote optimal mental wellness and healing.

Our Values

Authenticity, Vulnerability, Humor, Love, Compassion, Respect and Emotional Intelligence

  • Authenticity: We are truthful with ourselves and others. We show up authentically, so others feel invited to do the same.
  • Vulnerability: With bravery, we bare our pain and express the experiences that challenge us, trusting that our true selves will be accepted and loved as we are.
  • Humor: We bring a sense of joy and levity with every interaction because we recognize that laughter heals.
  • Love: We demonstrate good will toward all humankind with our words. We believe in the capacity of willing people to exchange affection. We hug here.
  • Compassion: We see the suffering and challenges of the world’s people. We are moved to meet each person where they are, with respect, kindness, a listening ear, and an open mind.
  • Respect: Recognizing there are as many ways of being as there are people populating the planet, we treat people as they prefer to be treated, with their and our boundaries mutually considered. We speak to each other kindly knowing that our words carry the energy and power to heal.
  • Emotional Intelligence: We recognize our own emotions and those of others common to the human experience. We are present and hold difficult emotions safely that will lead to positive exchange and healing outcomes.