And so the real aim in life is peace – Abraham Low, MD

Have A Healing Conversation

The COVID 19 pandemic, civil unrest, social injustice, climate danger, and so much more on a global scale have many of us unsettled, to say the least. In many cases, we’ve experienced a collective trauma. We also deal with the daily frustrations of work, financial stress, family life, and relationships. You just need someone to listen and speak peace to your heart and bring a little order and balance to your mind. A healing conversation can help.

Our Focus

Perspective – A different way to consider your problem

Context – The who, what, when, where, and how of your problem

Balance – Equipped with perspective and context, we inspire you to bravely commit to meaningful action that restores balance.

We lift you up. We know how to listen and respond when appropriate. Our words comfort and heal. Dozens of people can’t be wrong when they say, “I always feel better after talking to you.”

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“I’m The Healing Conversationalist. I am not a therapist or psychiatrist. I am a peer, a person who’s healing from a wide array of lived experience.  According to Mental Health America, qualitative and quantitative studies show peer support improves quality of life, and …increases whole health and self-management. Some have reported that peer support can be more effective than therapy alone.”