About Deanna

The Healing Conversationalist

As a person diagnosed with a serious mental illness 23 years ago, Ms. Robinson draws from her extensive experience with anxiety, depression, and extraordinary perception, which the medical world may describe as psychosis. She inspires us to see mental health in a new, more progressive light. As a national trainer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for 18 years, Ms. Robinson has a deep appreciation for people’s curiosity and engages humor and plain conversation, so listeners have the best chance of retaining the invaluable mental wellness information there is to share.

She has worked in varying roles for NAMI in Maryland, where she’s originally from, and in California where she now lives. She’s helped create videos for the country’s emergency room hospital staff and the University of Phoenix social work program. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Baltimore Sun and quoted in other notable media. Prior to joining the NAMI family in 2004, she was a Senior Litigation Paralegal for CitiGroup. She studied at College of Notre Dame of Maryland and has several mental health instructor certifications including Mental Health First Aid both for youth and adults and QPR Suicide Prevention. Ms. Robinson has 5 grown children, 7 grandchildren, enjoys politics, puzzles, beaches and reading.


  • 18 years experience
  • Over 500 trainings
  • 1000s of certified students
  • Award winning expert

What I Do

  • Have memorable, healing conversations that enrich and heal people’s lives.
  • Train all types of audiences on different mental health topics
  • Give compelling presentations on living with a serious mental health condition and other related topics

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